Our Vision Statement

What is Ameencity?
Ameencity is an Islamic Clothing Company that contributes a 7.86% of their profits to a Muslim charity every year. This way you can be donating into good causes and help Muslims around the world while getting clothing that represents you. This can be beneficial for all parties involved, in this life and the next In Sha Allah. We have created Ameencity as the first of this type of clothing company and hope that many Muslims around the world start their own clothing brands with this Deanwear model in mind. 
Poverty & Temporary Wealth -
Inequality and poverty causes hardships in many communities and this is part of the test that Allah (SWT) gives to those that are comfortable or financially stable; to ensure we share our temporary wealth with his creation and show compassion to those less fortunate; for our wealth was given to us by Him and it can also be taken from us by Him.
The Power of Giving in Islam -
- Charity forms the third of the obligatory Five Pillars of Islam – also known as Zakat. It is the act of giving a portion of one's profitable wealth to those in need each year. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has narrated: 'The believer’s shade on the Day of Judgement will be his charitable acts'.
How Deanwear Implement Continuous Charity?
In Islam, Sadaqah Jariyah is a Continuous, Flowing and Ongoing Charity. It is one of the most rewarding acts we can do in our lives as the benefits of giving this type of charity can be reaped in this lifetime and long after we have passed In Sha Allah.
Example -
Giving someone something to eat is a Sadaqah and will benefit that person in that moment whereas building a water well where people can regularly draw water from is Sadaqah Jariyah and will benefit people for generations to come with water and in turn will continue benefiting you in this life and the next In Sha Allah.
How Deanwear Gives You Continuous Rewards?
Every purchase from Ameencity comes with a continuous reward for years to come which will benefit you in this life and the next. Ameencity implement Sadaqah Jariyah in our business by contributing 7.86% of all profits every year to a Muslim Charity who help provide water to people who are unable to have this basic necessity. This way, your purchase of any products from Ameencity will directly help provide people with water for years to come In Sha Allah.
Our Vision -
Our vision is the help as many people with Sadaqah Jariyah as we can while selling clothing that represents and brings to the forefront the true message of Islam. In Sha Allah.